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NJMCDirect Pay Tickets Online - www.NJMCDirect.com

Are you tired of standing in the long queues of the court to pay your traffic violation fine? If so then there is a great service for you that can reduce your hassles. This service comes in the name of NJMCDirect. Apparently, NJMC Direct is an online payment portal specifically made for people to pay their fines online. Getting tickets issued is not a new thing, sometimes you do make mistakes. Sometimes you speed up without knowing or park in a restricted area.

The norm is that when you get a ticket by an officer you will have to pay the fine in court. But that’s no longer necessary after the introduction of NJMC Direct. It is an exact solution to save your time and provide you with a safe method of paying fine. Just have a mobile or computer and you will be able to pay fine using the internet. In addition to that also keep information necessary to make an online payment.

How to pay fine using NJMC Direct?

This is a step by step procedure to use NJMC Direct for paying fine online.

  • On your device, open internet browser.
  • Go to NJMC Direct’s official website where you will be able to make the transaction.
  • Now before you proceed any further, there are certain things you need to ensure. First, make sure that the time slot for online payment is available. You can find different timeslots for different dates on the website. Secondly, keep all necessary information like a ticket, license plate number etc on you.
  • Fill the court ID in the respective box. You can find the court ID on the top left of the issued ticket.
  • Next type prefix. This can be found out right next to the court ID on the ticket.
  • After that, fill ticket number which is next to the prefix.
  • Lastly, you need to fill your license plate number. This number should be legit or else you won’t be able to proceed any further.
  • Click continue and next you have to fill credit/debit card details. Once its dealt with, continue and your transaction will be completed.

Advantages of NJMC Direct


NJMC Direct is an extremely safe and secure online portal. The payments you make directly go to the court. The data you fill while making transaction remains safe with encryption. You don’t have to worry about any hacker stealing your valuable information.

Easy to use

There aren’t any complexions involved while making payment. All you have to do is fill some pieces of information and you are good to go. It only takes a few numbers of steps in order to pay fine using the NJMC Direct portal.

Saves time

As you directly make the payment using the online method, you don’t have to go to the court. Travelling and then waiting in line takes a lot of time. This can be avoided if you use NJMC Direct to pay your fines. Using an online portal is an efficient and effective way to save your precious time.


It doesn’t take much time for payment to proceed. Just after you successfully make a payment you will receive the receipt. This receipt declares that you have paid the fine and there are no dues.

Pay anytime

This is one of the biggest advantages of using NJMC Direct. As you don’t have to go to the court, you don’t have to travel and schedule certain day. Just pay anytime you wish.


In this way, the NJMC portal can prove out to be an effective way of paying fines online. This method is safe, efficient and highly flexible. No need to visit court now, just access website from your device and fend off the fines.